Starting from the pelota court, we take the cement track that goes way down. In 200 m far we will find a crossroad, continuing down and in few minutes we will arrive at Lapurdi-Goikoa and Lapurdi-Bekoa farmhouses.

We find a stream that starts in the hillside of Intxorta. Following the stream and listening to the birds, we will arrive at the Urbedeinkatu farmhouse and to another farmhouse that long time ago used to be a waterwheel, but which nowadays is abandoned.

We are in the lake of Aixola. This lake is 4.200 m long and we can walk all around it in any of the two directions returning back. Following the stream up we will arrive back in Elgeta.

  • Route 8 km.
  • Time 2 hours
  • Difficulty moderate


We leave Elgeta towards Eibar and one km away and before arriving at the high of Karabieta, we take the cement track to the right.

This track will lead us to the Azula and Beizu farmhouses. If we continue we will get into a pine forest where we can see the Valley of Bergara, with the Aitzgorri and Aralar Mountains on the right hand.

In this point, turning to the left we will arrive at a pass under the Azkonabieta mountain.

In the 4th point, we take a ground track that is on the left hand and following it; we will arrive at a pass under the Azkonabieta Mountain.

Next to the forest of Lausiriana we take the track that is on the right hand and following it we will see the Lower Deba to the north. It is possible to see the sea from here on a clear day. Continuing the track and going up about 100 m. we will walk around the mountains across fir trees and beech tree forests.

At this point of the route, we find the cement track that will take us to Antenas. Here we have to stop and appreciate the view; to the south Intxorta, Udalaitz, anboto Gorbea, to the west; Egoarbitza, Oiz, etc. We go down this track and we will arrive at the hill of Karabieta.

At this moment we are in the road that goes from Elgeta to Eibar, therefore if we continue the road towards Elgeta, and in 1.5 km we will arrive where we had started the tour.

  • Route 7,5 km
  • Time 2 hours
  • Difficulty moderate


We leave Elgeta following the road that goes to Eibar. After passing the crossroad of Larrabil Zearra.

This track goes up from the hillside of the mountain, watching the Valley of Bergara and the Irimo, Aralar, Aitzgorri mountains, we will arrive at Lepasolo.

Following the ground track, across pines and larches we will have to cross the road that finishes in the Egotxeaga Valley and we will take the ground track. As we go up, we will see a drying shed (now converted into a hut). If we go on, few meters away on the left hand we will find pine trees, fir trees, chestnut trees and oak trees. Going up a small hill, we will arrive at the base of Eguarbitza.

Next to the calcareous rock with a boat keel shape, we will find an old sheep hut (nowadays a gastronomical society) with a small open field where we can rest. If we want to get to the top of the mountain, we would have to follow the track that is behind the hut on the right hand. We would be on the top in 10-15 minutes.

Once on the top, we will be able to see the most emblematic mountains and on a clear day we will be able to see the sea. Going down the south hillside, we'll arrive to a crossroad. There we can take the asphalted road, that from the right hand will bring us to Elgeta.

In this neighborhood we will find well kept farms and restored farmhouses. From here to town the walk will take us around 10 minutes.

  • Route 7,5 km
  • Time 2 hours
  • Difficulty moderate


Leaving Elgeta we must take the road towards Arrasate. On the right hand we will see the Valley of Bergara and the Gorla and Elosu Mountains. If we do the route in the morning and on spring or summer, we will see the Valley of Bergara covered by fog, resembling a lake. One km away we will find a crossroad.

At this point we will have to turn right and a few meters away we will find another cross.

Turn right and in 150 meters we will arrive at the park of asentzio.

In this park we will find barbecues, tables, chairs, a fountain, a small children playground and a chapel called asentzio. We will find leafy beech trees, a lake where we will be able to fish and the Udalaitz, Amboto Mountains. On the way back, we can take the same route we had come from or take a different one. Coming out of the park and taking a track towards Bergara, in 250 meters we will find the Udaixa farmhouse.

Next to this point and walking to the shade of the pine tre es it will only take 300 meters to get to the Olatza farmhouse and in 500 meters we will find the crossroad that will take us to the road which links Elgeta with Arrasate.

On the right hand side we will see Elgeta .

  • Route 4 km
  • Time 1 hour
  • Difficulty none


We leave Elgeta towards Arrasate. At the end of Salvador Street, we leave the road and take the cement track that goes up to Salvador chapel (almost completely restored). Before arriving at this chapel, on the right hand we take a cement track that takes us to the Antzuetegi farmhouse and to the water tank.

At this point the cement track finishes therefore we must continue through a land on the low part of a beech wood and we cross a stream. We continue through the forest around a kilometre and going up the mountain's north side we arrive at a clearing of the forest.

From this point we can see Elorrio, Udalaitz, Amboto. Going up from the west hillside, in 10 - 15 minutes we will be at the top of the Intxorta Mountain. Once in the top, going down from the east hillside we will arrive at Intxorta - Txiki.

Here and in Intxorta many "Gudaris" (Basque soldiers) died because during the last Civil War the resistance front withstood the enemy's air raids during six months. Taking the ground track we will arrive at the crossroad of an asphalt road.

At this point we have the chance to return to Elgeta or go to the asentzio Park, that is few meters away.

  • Route 5 km
  • Time 2 hour
  • Difficulty moderate